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4 Stretches for Neck Pain Relief In Arlington Heights, IL

Stretches for Neck Pain Relief Chiropractor Arlington Heights, IL

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole with Sleigh Family Chiropractic and today I’m going to show you three exercises that you can do at home to help relieve neck pain.

Head Down and Shoulder Stretch

So the first one here, you’re going to pull your head down to one shoulder holding for 30 seconds, you want to just to the point where you’re going to feel a stretch here in the opposite side of the neck, come on up, you’ll do it three times each, then you’re going to pull your head down to your shoulder, looking more down toward your leg, this time holding for 30 seconds, you’ll feel it in a similar spot here on the opposite shoulder, but more so into that upper back region. Again, you want to do it three times each, both directions.

Chin Tuck Exercise

The next one here is what we call chin tucks. So you are going to sit straight shoulders back, and you are going to pull your chin back almost making like a double chin. So you’re going to pull it back hold for a couple of seconds, relax, and you’re going to do 10 of them. So three sets of 10 for those. The purpose of those is to help strengthen the muscles in the back of the neck to pull your head back over the shoulders where it should go.

The Doorway Stretch

The last one is a doorway stretch. So for that one, you’re going to put your arm here on a doorway. You want it to be in that football shape, you’re going to step forward, lean hold for 30 seconds, come back up and you’re going to do it three times on each arm. The purpose of that one is as we’re sitting throughout the day, who sit for hours and hours typically hunched over, so this one is going to really open up that chest. Hopefully that helps relieve some neck pain at home for you.

Otherwise, if you have questions feel free to call or schedule an appointment today.

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