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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Is Vital in Arlington Heights, IL

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Is Vital in Arlington Heights, IL

Why Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Is So Vital | Prenatal Chiropractor in Arlington Heights, IL

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole with Sleigh Family Chiropractic and today I’m going to talk about why pregnant moms should see a chiropractor throughout their entire pregnancy.

Maintaining Proper Spinal Alignment while Your Pregnant

So during pregnancy, it is a super exciting time, but it comes along with your body constantly changing on a day to day basis. So during pregnancy, you have higher levels of the hormone called relaxin. And that is a hormone that allows all of your joints to move and expand a little bit to allow a baby to grow and for the birthing process. But what that means is you are more prone to what we call subluxations. So that is a joint to the spine that is not aligned properly, or a joint that isn’t functioning how it’s supposed to, which can lead to inflammation and pain. A big area we focus on is the pelvis here. So when you have a subluxation within that pelvis or that sacrum, you can start to see how drastic of an effect it creates on the uterus. So the uterus sits right here in the center. And this is your birth canal. So if a subluxation is present, not only will it create pain, but it will also affect how baby is positioned in your uterus. So that is one reason why chiropractic care should be done during pregnancy. Another one is how it affects posture. So as your baby grows, what tends to happen is your pelvis starts to dip forward and downward. That also creates more compression, more stress on the joints here in the lower back, leading to some of that lower back pain that is common during pregnancy. And as compensation, your upper back starts to dip backwards and your head starts to come forward. So all of that is something that chiropractic care can especially be beneficial for as well as reducing some of the pain. Along with that we have noticed from some of our patients that they have mentioned, smoother and quicker delivery with chiropractic care better baby positioning just because that pelvis is more aligned and overall reduce pain.

So hopefully this gives you a better idea as to how chiropractic care can help during your pregnancy.

Sleigh Family Chiropractic

At Sleigh Family Chiropractic, we focus on restoring your body to health naturally. We provide family chiropractic care to treat your entire family. We have special certifications as pediatric chiropractors and prenatal chiropractors. With an evaluation we are able to make a spinal care plan that will focus on a balanced nervous system along with healthy lifestyle. As a leading chiropractic clinic we treat patients with back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and other painful conditions.

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