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De-Stress This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be merry and bright, but not everyone feels this way. Added responsibilities, increased obligations, and a frenzy of spending can whittle away at your good cheer. For those of us who suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, the holiday season can be an unwelcome andtrying time. Reducing stress this holiday season is vital to the enjoyment of this trying period.

Traditionally, anxiety and depression have been treated by a combination of talking and medication in therapy settings. Chiropractic care, however, offers a natural approach to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression—and this busy season is a great opportunity to try it out.

Body in alignment

Some chiropractors theorize that certain cases of anxiety stem from a body and mind that are out of alignment. When the body is out of alignment, tension results—and this tension can interfere with the nervous system as well as the body’s natural immunity. It stands to reason that tension can also seep into the mind, resulting in chronic anxiety. And, in turn, chronic anxiety can result in depression.

Freedom from pain

People who suffer from chronic pain live with a persistent sense of discomfort that progresses over time. Chronic pain can be very difficult to treat and can be extremely pervasive in degrading a sufferer’s sense of wellbeing. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and migraine can all contribute to or cause chronic pain. Pain can also result from structural or alignment problems in the body. It’s a hop, skip, and jump to the conclusion that chronic pain can play a factor in your mental state. Living with chronic pain can tip sufferers over into stress, anxiety, and depression. Yet the ray of hope is that chiropractic care can aid in reducing stress or alleviating chronic pain, helping you feel better in your body—and perhaps, by extension, in your mind, too.

Holistic wellbeing

Chiropractic care is an important part of a whole-body, natural approach to wellness. When the body is in alignment, it functions at its best. Blood flow is optimal, and the immune system is strong enough to guard against infection. A reduction of chronic pain and increased melatonin can help the body relax and enhance the restorative powers of sleep. All of these factors offer some anxiety and depression sufferers ways of bringing the body into a state of better function. That state may help quiet and calm the mind, reduce mental stress, and promote more positive thought patterns.

At Sleigh Family Chiropractic, we offer exceptional chiropractic care for your entire family in every season and for every frame of mind. With a warm and friendly atmosphere as our standard, we believe that what our patients encounter is different from that experienced in other doctors’ offices. What’s more, we strive to give our patients a path to optimal health with excellent chiropractic care as well as resources for home. Whatever your health needs and goals are, Sleigh Family Chiropractic will help you and your loved ones achieve them. We invite you to visit us and experience our standard of care. Learn more or call us at 847-788-0880.

Sleigh Family Chiropractic

At Sleigh Family Chiropractic, we focus on restoring your body to health naturally. We provide family chiropractic care to treat your entire family. We have special certifications as pediatric chiropractors and prenatal chiropractors. With an evaluation we are able to make a spinal care plan that will focus on a balanced nervous system along with healthy lifestyle. As a leading chiropractic clinic we treat patients with back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and other painful conditions.

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