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Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has been found to help patients suffering from mental illness. ITHACA Family Chiropractic has a great article that provides information regarding positive effects on mental health with chiropractic adjustments.

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Mental Health and Chiropractic History

Chiropractic care has long had a relationship with mental health. As early as the 1920’s in patient facilities were established featuring chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle changes as ways to help people suffering with mental health issues. The Chiropractic Psychopathic Sanitarium was located in Davenport, Iowa. The cure and rate of discharge there was 65%. Similar facilities like the North Dakota State Mental Hospital who did not utilize chiropractic adjustments only had a 10-27% cure and rate of discharge.

The Clear View Sanitarium was established in 1926 and was owned by Palmer School of Chiropractic. (Dr. Brian Bartholomew is a graduate of the newest branch of Palmer, Palmer Fl College of chiropractic). Each day the patients were checked by chiropractors and adjusted when necessary. The rooms were described as bright and sunny. Meals were mostly vegetable based from the on site gardens. Patients were encouraged to walk outside and interact with clinic staff. Amazing how natural strategies can be so effective and safe.

Spears Chiropractic Hospital in Denver, Co was one of the last chiropractic hospitals to close. This video shows some of the improvements that patient their made with “irreversible conditions.” The closing of all of theses facilities corresponded with insurances changes in the 1950’s and 60’s that did not include chiropractic and natural lifestyle changes as ways to help heal from disease. It seems strange to me that the only accepted methods of care for people with mental health issues would be to medicate or perform a highly invasive surgery.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Mental Health

Chiropractic deals with maximizing the health of the nervous system. Emotional and psychological health are greatly effected with chiropractic care because they are controlled through the nervous system. Recent studies remark on the improvements in the autonomic nervous system with chiropractic care. Specifically, removing nerve interference allowing regulation of the sympathetic nerves which control the fight or flight mechanism of the brain.

Other studies are showing that following adjustments people are more relaxed due to hormonal changes in oxytocin, cortisol and a few other important hormones noted only in groups following chiropractic adjustments. Studies today show improvements in blood flow to the brain following upper neck adjustments. This increased blood flow plays a large role in the healing of and restoration of mental health.

Doesn’t it make sense to try something less invasive and less costly to society than the standard care for people suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and other mental health challenges? Thousands of case studies and testimonials have confirmed that chiropractic care can help.”

Sleigh Family Chiropractic

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