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Exercises Every Pregnant Mom Should Try in Arlington Heights, IL

Exercises Every Pregnant Mom Should Try chiropractor in Arlington Heights, IL

3 Exercises Every Pregnant Mom Should Try | Prenatal Chiropractor in Arlington Heights, IL

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Sleigh Family Chiropractic and today I’m going to show you three exercises to help with lower back pain and pelvic pain while you’re pregnant.

Best Exercises for Pregnant Moms

So the first one is a hip flexor stretch, so your hip flexor runs and connects to the back of your spine in the lower back, as well as in your pelvis. So you’re going to come down, you want one leg back, and then you’re going to bend forward to where your knee is over your ankle. You can even lift up that arm to get a deeper stretch, and you should feel it right kind of on your side in the front, hold for 30 seconds, come back and you’ll do it three times, both legs. The next one is going to be on all fours. So you want to make sure your arms or your wrists are underneath your shoulders. You kind of want that neutral spine, and then you’re going to do a cat. Kind of like cat dog, but just the cat portion of the upper back. So you’re going to arch up and you can kind of swing your hips side to side to get a deeper stretch into that lower back and that pelvic region. Hold for a couple of seconds, come back to neutral and then you’ll repeat. The last one is on an exercise ball. So you’re gonna take a seat the ball, you want it to be where your hips are either higher than your knees or level with your knee. That way you have best posture for your pelvis and you are going to sit up straight and you’re going to swing your hips side to side and then you can do it front and back pulling that pelvis forward and kind of arching it back. So you can do that couple of seconds. Take a break and Repeat a few times. Hopefully that helps with some of the lower back pain and the pelvic pain that you have.

If you are having pain during any of the exercises, contact your chiropractor or your doctor. Otherwise if you have any questions, drop them below.

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