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Ho-Ho-Holiday Stress Be Gone! Sleigh Family Chiropractic Tips

Holiday stress is something many of us have experienced; whether it’s due to hosting gatherings in our homes, eating the wrong foods at holiday parties, partaking in too many cocktails, or simply disrupting our normal sleep schedules – all of these (and more) can lead to added stress on our minds and our bodies.

As we go through this joyous season, there are practical steps we can all take to minimize the stress we experience. Please see some tried and true efforts from Sleigh Family Chiropractic:

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is always important, but did you know it has a direct affect on aches and pains? Dehydrated muscles can aggravate common stress-related discomfort. A good general rule is to drink half of your body in ounces of water per day. For example, if you are 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water each day to reduce your chances for increased aches and pains.

Eat as Right as You Can!

Tempted by all those sweet holiday treats? You’re not alone! But you can be mindful of how much you eat. Pay attention to portions and try to eat healthy in between parties and potlucks. Eat something filling before heading out to that party so you don’t arrive starving. A Sleigh Family Chiropractic favorite: eat half an avocado before attending parties.

Boost Your Immune System

Staying healthy helps you to be strong enough to deal with all the extra events, activities and overall running around during the holidays. See tips to boost your immune system over the holiday season, and year-round.

It’s Okay to Say NO!

Remember that you (and your children if you have any) do NOT need to attend every holiday party or event. Just because your Facebook friends are heading to see Santa and Mrs. Claus or visit with some jolly old elves, you’re NOT required to be there. Say NO if you’re tired, overwhelmed or just don’t have the energy to head out to every seasonal event or activity. You’ll thank yourself when you’re recharged, rested, and ready for the next bit of holiday fun.

Plan Time Needed to Attend Gatherings

Use digital calendars to prepare for – and remind yourself – of your holiday commitments. And, if you’ve got a partner, synch those calendars up! This will help you to remember to pick up that pie you told the host you were bringing, along with ensuring you don’t overschedule and miss something you committed to attending.

Prioritize Your Commitments

Create a ‘Must Do’ vs. ‘Can Do’ list. An example would be holiday cards. If you’ve got too much on the proverbial plate, skip the mailed cards this year, or send out fewer cards. You can always wish friends and family a happy holiday, virtually. Email or even social media is a way to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them, without standing in line at the post office and spending extra money on stamps.

Simply remember to take time for yourself (and your family) this holiday season. This is the time of year we should all try to savor, so reduce stress where you can, enjoy the season and create lasting memories!

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