Kids Are Just Kids and They Fall on Their Butts! So What?

Kids Are Just Kids and They Fall on Their Butts! So What?


Kids tend not to complain about neck and back pain.  So I am often asked: “Why would kids ever need infant or pediatric chiropractic care?”   I think you might get an idea as to why after watching this video.  It shows some of the common, everyday injuries kids experience.  Most parents find their child had many similar falls to the ones shown after viewing it.  So watch the video and perhaps you will no longer question why kids can have problems in their spines!



Although kids don’t generally complain about back and neck pain, the injuries and traumas that cause those aches and pains often start in childhood.  Often by the time we see adults with chronic, serious spinal problems in our office, their problems have been there for 10, 15, even 20 years!  Many times we can trace these problems back to childhood injuries.


The birth itself can lead to injuries in the spine and nervous system.  Even a natural, normal child birth can put stress on an infant’s delicate spine and nervous system.  As a child starts to walk, they fall many times per day.  As kids learn to ride a bike and roller blade, falls and injuries are inevitable.  In middle school and high school they start carrying heavy backpacks and playing sports.  Both of which can lead to problems in the spine.  Most of the time kids bounce back quickly from these injuries, but over time the results may accumulate and lead to much larger problems.


This is why I encourage parents to have their kids checked regularly.  It is much easier to correct problems early on than after they have been there for years.  Infant and kids chiropractic is very safe, gentle and effective.  


No parent wants to see their child suffer, let alone to grow up and have chronic pain and symptoms.  So get your kids checked and help them grow up healthy and strong!  Infant  and pediatric chiropractic can help kids with colic, ear infections, bed wetting, stomach problems, and much more! 


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