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Pregnant Women Decrease Back Pain and Strengthen Abdomen with Pelvic Rock Exercise

Woman exercising on Pilates machine with ball.

Here is the full transcript of our YouTube video about the Pelvic Rock exercise for pregnant women. This exercise helps moms to be alleviate and avoid back pain during pregnancy. To learn more about pregnancy and chiropractic, please visit our Pregnancy Page.

Hello and welcome. I am Dr. Katie Sleigh of Sleigh Family Chiropractic. I want to introduce all pregnant women to the pelvic rock. This exercise is very important for most pregnant women to do. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercises to make sure that it is safe for you.

Start off on hands and knees with the back as flat as possible. Then imagine you are pulling your belly button toward the spine. This will help to activate your abdominal muscles while keeping your spine in a neutral position. Avoid arching the back upward or letting it fall downward. Then tilt the pelvis as though you are bringing your tailbone toward your chin. This exercise will both help strengthen your abdominals as well as help stretch your lower back.

You should not experience pain with this exercise. If you do, discontinue the exercise and talk with your doctor.

I work with many pregnant women helping them have healthier, less painful pregnancies, labors, and deliveries. It is very important for pregnant women to stay fit throughout their pregnancy. As the center of gravity changes with the growing belly, the future mother generally has an altered posture like this. The pelvis is rocked forward, the upper back leans backward, and the head is forward. This causes an increase in the curvature of the lower back which jams the joints together leading to back pain. But it does not have to be severe for many women.

I will demonstrate the pelvic rock exercise again. This exercise helps to strengthen the abdomen, pelvic floor as well as the lower back. Therefore, it is easier for the future mom to use good posture and decrease back pain. It will also help to prepare for labor and delivery. Once you have checked with your doctor and determined that this exercise is safe for you, I recommend doing this exercise daily. Start as early on during the pregnancy as possible. I recommend doing the pelvic rock exercise 25 times per day when you first start out. After a week or two, increase up to 25 times twice per day and then eventually work your way up to 40 times twice per day.

For more tips and advice please see our pregnancy exercises.

Call to schedule an appointment to meet with me, Dr. Katie Sleigh. Your pregnancy and pediatric health advocate.

Pelvic Rock Exercise for Pregnant Women

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