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1. Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Ear infections

Millions of kids suffer with ear infections that many times become a chronic problem leading to ear tubes.  According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, three out of four children will be diagnosed with an ear infection by the age of three.  Ear infections are the most common reason for childhood visits to the pediatrician.  Although research shows that antibiotics are not the most effective treatment for ear infections, 96%-98% of physicians immediately treat ear infections with antibiotics.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a ‘watch-and-wait-approach‘ based on the evidence-based research.  This research indicates that antibiotics are rarely effective and actually lead to repeated ear infections.  Many parents are becoming concerned with antibiotic resistance and are looking for other solutions to help with ear infections.

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2. Chiropractic & Alternative Treatment May Help Kids with ADHD

ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed neuro behavioral disorder in children today with 1 in 10 kids being diagnosed.  This prevalence has sky rocketed over the past generation.  Following diagnosis, children are commonly given a prescription for Ritalin.  This medication is a schedule II controlled substance that has effects similar to both amphetamines and cocaine.  As more parents are learning about the effects of medication on their children, they are looking to alternative treatments for ADHD.  Pediatric chiropractic care can be an effective, natural, and very safe option for parents.

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3. Alleviate Torticollis With Pediatric Chiropractic Care and Stretches

Torticollis is a condition characterized by a head to tilt to one side. In infants and children, this condition is commonly caused by intrauterine position and the birth process itself.  Infants with this problem will tend to have difficulty feeding on one side and may develop plagiocephaly (see below for more information). Pediatric chiropractic care is a very effective way to resolve this problem.

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4. When Should My Infant or Child Be Checked by a Chiropractor?

Dr. Katie Sleigh, a chiropractor in Arlington Heights, IL, reports that she is often asked by parents when they should bring their child in to see a chiropractor.  Infants and kids don’t commonly complain of headaches or back pain, the typical symptoms that motivate adults to see a chiropractor.  Many parents do bring their kids in with hopes that chiropractic care can help ailments such as torticollis, colic, bedwetting, and constipation.  BUT should a parent wait until their child has those or other symptoms to have them checked?

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5. Pediatric Chiropractic May Help Rid Painful Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in many children and can be extremely painful for many children.  Antibiotics are the conventional treatment for ear infections.  However, research now shows antibiotic treatment is often times no more effective than the child’s own immune system.  Gentle pediatric chiropractic adjustments may help many, many kids get relief from ear infections without the use of medications or surgery.  Since no parent wants to see their child suffer, we suggest you check out this video clip with a parental testimonial.



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