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1. Chiropractor for Pain During Pregnancy
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2. Alleviate Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy With Exercise and Chiropractic

Symphysis pubic pain during pregnancy commonly makes sleeping, going up and down the stairs, and getting into and out of the car very difficult and painful.  Many women suffer with this discomfort during their pregnancies especially as they approach the later months and the baby puts more pressure on this area.  Typically, the symphysis pubis joint, located in the front central region of the pelvis, is very stable.  However, pregnancy causes changes in hormones that make this joint more flexible in preparation for the growing baby and labor and delivery.  Because pregnant women typically avoid taking medication during pregnancy, they may not know about natural ways to get rid of this pain.

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3. Chiropractor Relieves Pregnancy Sciatica Pain Testimonial


Sciatica leg pain is a common complaint in pregnant women.  Sciatica commonly interferes with the ability to walk and sleep.  But it doesn’t have to be something that a pregnant woman has to deal with throughout pregnancy.  There is a natural way to get pain relief.  This painful problem can often times be relieved by a chiropractor who uses the Webster Technique

Tags: Pregnancy Pain

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