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Reduce Back | Neck Pain From Carrying Big Fashionable Purses

Leather purse with accessories.

It is currently fashionable for women to carry large purses. Many women find large purses a great convenience. It is possible to almost literally carry everything at times, including the kitchen sink. However, the quest to be fashionable and prepared may actually lead to neck and shoulder injuries.

Consistently carrying a heavy purse on the same shoulder, as most women do, causes imbalances in the muscles as well as the spine. This may lead to stabbing pain in the upper back and shoulder areas. It may also cause headaches and neck pain. In addition, the imbalance in the upper back may lead to a compensation in the low back. This may cause low back pain as well.

Is being fashionable and always prepared worth the injury to the body? Is pain rightly associated with beauty?

Recommendations to relieve the stress and injury on the body:

  • Downsize the size of the purse. You will be less likely to carry too much stuff with a smaller purse.
  • Carry only what you know you will need. Regularly unload things that you don’t need that day.
  • Form a new habit to alternate which shoulder you carry your purse on during the day. It may feel weird at first, but you will get used to it!
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