Sitting on the Pregnancy Exercise Ball

Why should you do the Sitting on the Ball exercise?

Sitting on a Ball Pregnancy StretchThis exercise is so simple, yet can vastly improve the strength of your entire spine and keep your pelvis from getting locked up.

Tiny muscles in your spine are stimulated when doing this exercise. These muscles, called Multifidi, are important spinal stabilizers. Strengthening these muscles will decrease fatigue. In addition, doing the figure 8 motion and shifting the hips will allow your pelvis to stay flexible.

Simply sit on the exercise ball in good posture (ears, shoulders and hips aligned) and bounce your body up and down with small subtle  movements.

Continue for 5-30 min.

You can also spice it up!

Begin making a figure 8 motion with the hips. Then shift the hips forward, backward, and to either side.  

Repeat 10-15 times in each direction.

Note:  Always practice your deep breathing for all exercises and stretches.


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