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Small But Steady Steps To Reach Your Optimal Health Goals!

Lady strolling on path in pink shoes.

We wrote out these tips up on the white board in our office:

“7 Secrets to Success” I Found Them in My Room

Roof said: AIM HIGH

Fan said: BE COOL



Window said: SEE THE WORLD

Calendar said: BE UP TO DATE


It greets patients in the reception waiting area. There is a point. We must all set small improvement goals to work our way to optimal health. It is a gradual process and takes discipline and commitment. The key is to want to make healthier choices today than you did yesterday.

There are 3 main types of barriers to optimal health: physical, chemical and mental.

Physical barriers include falls, improper lifting and carrying kids.

Chemical barriers include preservatives in foods, pollution and smoking.

Mental barriers include stress, anxiety and worry.

Make small, incremental changes in each of these areas gradually to get closer to optimal health. Exercise more often, smoke less and engage in stress relief.

Stress, worry and anxiety can cause problems in the body. These problems often lead to sickness and tension. The “7 Secrets to Success” really addresses the mental barriers. Most people don’t realize how much mental stress affects our bodies. We always talk with our patients about keeping a “What’s Important Now” (WIN) attitude. This means you should focus your energy and attention on things that you can change. Let go of the things that you cannot change.

We see the effects of those mental barriers in our patients all the time as chiropractors. That is why we feel it is important to address these things so that we can help our patients. It is not an easy task to change. But with our help we hope these tips will help you reach your optimal health!

Read more about steps you can take to optimal health on our Wellness and Prevention page.

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