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1. Chiropractic Care for Infants: It's a Family Affair
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2. Pediatric Chiropractor for Infant
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3. When Should My Infant or Child Be Checked by a Chiropractor?

Dr. Katie Sleigh, a chiropractor in Arlington Heights, IL, reports that she is often asked by parents when they should bring their child in to see a chiropractor.  Infants and kids don’t commonly complain of headaches or back pain, the typical symptoms that motivate adults to see a chiropractor.  Many parents do bring their kids in with hopes that chiropractic care can help ailments such as torticollis, colic, bedwetting, and constipation.  BUT should a parent wait until their child has those or other symptoms to have them checked?

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4. Can Infant Chiropractic Adjustments Help Babies Struggling to Breastfeed?

An excerpt from our August (2010) newsletter cites a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. The article talks about health care savings, but much more importantly saving the lives of nearly 1,000 (estimate) infant deaths annually.  The excerpt also claims “... nearly 1,000 infant deaths could be prevented if more mothers would breastfeed at least six months, beginning immediately after birth.”

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