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Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time of anticipation. Whether you and your partner are looking forward to welcoming your first child, or to expanding your family with an addition, it’s a joyous wait.  That doesn’t mean it’s all roses for the expectant mama. Along with the glow, pregnancy can bring a host of discomforts. One of the most common of these is back pain. Even women who have never before experienced back pain can find that they’re struggling, especially once they hit the halfway mark in pregnancy.

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Alleviate Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy With Exercise and Chiropractic

Symphysis pubic pain during pregnancy commonly makes sleeping, going up and down the stairs, and getting into and out of the car very difficult and painful.  Many women suffer with this discomfort during their pregnancies especially as they approach the later months and the baby puts more pressure on this area.  Typically, the symphysis pubis joint, located in the front central region of the pelvis, is very stable.  However, pregnancy causes changes in hormones that make this joint more flexible in preparation for the growing baby and labor and delivery.  Because pregnant women typically avoid taking medication during pregnancy, they may not know about natural ways to get rid of this pain.

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Stretches to relieve pregnancy hip, low back and leg pain

Below is the full transcript of our new video about stretches to help get rid of hip, low back, and leg pain for pregnant women.  Drs. Quintin and Katie Sleigh demonstrate the stretch in the YouTube video entitled “Stretches Relieve Hip, Low Back and Leg Pain In Pregnancy.” 

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Safe Prenatal Yoga Video for Healthy, Less Painful Pregnancy

I know exercise is very important for the health of pregnant women as a chiropractor with a special focus on working with women during pregnancy.  I am often asked by expectant women what types of exercise are safe and beneficial during pregnancy.   Prenatal yoga is one of the most common recommendations that I give.  

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Pregnant Women Decrease Back Pain and Strengthen Abdomen with Pelvic Rock Exercise

 Here is the full transcript of our YouTube video about the Pelvic Rock prenatal exercise for pregnant women.  This exercise helps moms-to-be alleviate and avoid back pain during pregnancy.

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