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When Should My Infant or Child Be Checked by a Chiropractor?

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Dr. Katie Sleigh, a chiropractor in Arlington Heights, IL, reports that she is often asked by parents when they should bring their child in to see a chiropractor. Infants and kids don’t commonly complain of headaches or back pain, the typical symptoms that motivate adults to see a chiropractor. Many parents do bring their kids in with hopes that chiropractic care can help ailments such as torticollis, colic, bedwetting, and constipation. BUT should a parent wait until their child has those or other symptoms to have them checked?

The answer to that question is no, according to Dr. Katie. In fact, Dr. Sleigh believes that every child should at least be evaluated by a chiropractor experienced in child fall off bike injures spineworking within the pediatric population. The birthing process itself is commonly the first stress to an infant’s spine. Even a ‘normal’ birth without any complications. From then on, there are 100’s of bumps, accidents and falls as kids learn to crawl, walk, run and ride a bike. All of these minor traumas accumulate stress and misalignment in the spine.

The spine protects the most important system in the body, the nerve system. The delicate nerve system controls and coordinates everything that happens in our bodies. So it is very important to protect our nerve system. However, common childhood falls cause misalignments in the spine which can interrupt the nerve flow in a child’s body. As a child grows and develops, optimal nerve system function is imperative to ensure that he or she reach their true potential.

Drs. Quintin Sleigh and Katie Sleigh commonly find that many problems adults have stem from earlier childhood falls and accidents. Kids seem to bounce back from childhood accidents quickly and likely don’t have any lasting symptoms as a result. However, uncorrected misalignments in the spine can cause wear in tear in the spine that may lead to pain and symptoms in adulthood. It takes a long time to fix the underlying cause of the problem by the time many adults are motivated by pain to see a chiropractor. Many times, the problem could have easily and quickly been corrected if addressed when they were younger and didn’t have symptoms.

child chiropractic adjustmentMany parents are not comfortable with the idea of their child getting checked even if they do have symptoms. Dr. Katie understands and respects this. She also realizes many parents will want to try everything the medical field has to offer and choose chiropractic as a last result. And she understands that many parents will never have their kids checked. However, she wants parents to be aware that chiropractic care can be a great way to help their kids live happy, healthy lives.

If you want to see whether your child’s spine and nerve system are working properly, please call 847-788-0880 to schedule an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Katie Sleigh.

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