Chiropractor for Abdominal Pain and Constipation

“My fourteen year old daughter was admitted into the hospital in February with severe abdominal pain. The diagnosis was a blocked colon. At this time, they cleaned her system out and suggested exercise, food with fiber and water. My daughter, being a three-sport athlete, and very conscious of her diet, had already been doing this. Abdominal pain persisted in which we saw several specialists and even had a colonoscopy. The doctors could find nothing wrong and had no other treatments besides laxatives, which were not working. After seven months of irregularity, abdominal pain and every laxative known to man tried, we were at our wits end. Mid September we decided, reluctantly, to try chiropractic treatment, after all, we had nothing to lose. My daughter saw Dr. Quintin for the first time on a Saturday. Our very next appointment was the following Monday. Dr. Quintin stated that if chiropractic treatment was going to help my daughter it was going to help in a very short time. There was never a long drawn out plan for her relief of pain.

I remember stating to my daughter after the second visit, that was just two days after the original visit, that it would be wonderful if this would work and relieve my daughter of constant pain.

It was that very evening of our second visit that my daughter started her road to recovery. She has had normal regular bowel movements ever since and has virtually no abdominal pain since. She now can compete athletically pain free.   

Thank you Sleigh Family Chiropractic.” -Kerry