Chiropractor for Back and Hip Pain

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“I met Drs. Katie and Quinten Sleigh through a Health Fair in Wheeling, Illinois.  I was suffering from back and hip pain that was diagnosed as bursitis and lumbar problems.  I have had flare-ups with this for years, since in my 40’s and this last flare-up prompted me to talk to Drs. Sleigh at this health fair.  They explained to me the procedures they used with my type of problems and what happens with the first visit. I had x-rays of my back and my back was scanned.  Dr. Katie explained where my problems are and why I suffered from this pain.  My previous treatment of flair-ups were shots, physical therapy, MRI’s, x-rays and many visits to a Orthopedic doctor. Walking and exercising were impossible with the pain. This pain was with me when I woke up in the morning, all day, and when I went to bed. I took many pain pills with no relief. I went to Sleigh Family Chiropractic as I was so desperate, in pain and tired of feeling this way.  The first treatment I had I noticed how much better I felt.  As my visits and treatments became more and more I started to feel great, I had more energy and was a happier person. I was able to walk (now up to 4 miles) three times a week without any flair-ups, and do the stretching exercises Dr. Katie showed me.  Believe me, this is no lie, I have never felt this great in years.  I am able to do things I haven’t done in years, like doing cleaning chores around the house, decorating, and driving to places more. My friends and co-workers have noticed the difference in me because I am feeling tons better. I have recommended Drs. Katie and Quintin to my friends and family.  I am a believer in Dr. Katie because she has helped me so much and I am so appreciative.  She has given me a better quality of life.” -Betty