Chiropractor for Back, Shoulder, and Hip Pain

“After several years (probably 6 or 7 but I had lost count of the misery) of debilitating lower back, rear shoulder, and hip pain, a co-worker friend suggested I give chiropractic care a try.  He specifically recommended the chiropractor he had been visiting -- Dr. Katie Sleigh. 

Now I had never given it a lot of consideration, but it would have been accurate to call me a skeptic.  However, the discomfort in my back, shoulder, and hip had gotten to a point where consistent exercise was impossible, and playing softball and golf, two pastimes in which I participated more than regularly, became more pain than pleasure, and I could no longer compete the way I wanted.  After spending most of my years through about age 35 at a fairly decent fitness level, I was seemingly helpless to prevent the inevitable weight gain from the lack of activity.  Worse, though, were the effects inside my body, including elevated blood pressure, along with its long-term dangers, and seemingly constant aches and pains radiating throughout much of my body.  Visits to various traditional doctors, including sports-related orthopedics, did nothing more than frustrate me with a lack of any specific diagnoses or treatments. 

Welcome, Dr. Katie.  Sleigh Family Chiropractic felt like family on my very first visit back in January.  Dr. Katie was thorough and caring, more so than I had experienced with any other medical professional to date.  Her initial examination covered not just my symptoms, but my lifestyle as well to better understand what I hoped to accomplish under her care.  When reviewing the results of the exam, Dr. Katie again demonstrated her thoroughness, expertise, and genuine concern for my long-term well-being.  She laid out a plan to aggressively manage the symptoms in my early visits while forming a solid foundation for maintenance care and more importantly, my body’s own ability to become and remain strong and healthy. 

It wasn’t long before I was back to regular exercise, including running long distances on consecutive days, something I hadn’t been able to do since my early 30’s (I’m now 42).  I lost 18 pounds and returned to my ideal weight, and my blood pressure returned to normal.  The aches and pains and limitations to my movements vanished. 

Most important was the re-appearance of my quality of life.  I was able to train for and complete a half-marathon this year, and in a time well under my stated goal.  I’m thrilled that my softball and golf games returned – it’s great to compete again and maybe still teach the youngsters a thing or two.  I can very actively coach both of my children’s softball and baseball teams, leading by example rather than just by words.  These are just a few of the things Dr. Katie has returned to me.

Is there still occasional soreness from the rigors of all the activity?  Of course, but what’s most encouraging is how well my body now repairs itself.  Starting with my first visit, Dr. Katie emphasized the body’s amazing ability to take care of itself if we just give it the chance.  I couldn’t imagine at that time just how accurate that statement is.  Now I know.  I visit Dr. Katie for occasional maintenance now, and that extra little reassurance for my body coupled with the vastly improved state of being she has helped create in me provides the platform for renewed and continuous health and vigor.

You can't call me a skeptic anymore, and I thank Dr. Katie for it. " –Bob