Chiropractor for Chronic Back Pain

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“I am a 32+ year cancer survivor who has undergone nine major surgeries in my lifetime. My latest surgery in June 2012 was abdominal reconstruction. The purpose of this surgery was to repair the damage done from multiple cancer operations which necessitated the removal of all my abdominal muscles. My surgeon told me that I should expect back and leg pain as I recovered because my muscles were all assigned “new jobs” during the reconstruction. I was told by the surgeon that this could go on for a year or more as my body had been out of balance for 30+ years. My post-surgical back pain was constant and restricted my activities. I tried walking, pain medications, and heating pads. Nothing helped. My neighbor (a current patient at Sleigh Family Chiropractic) saw me walking and commented that I was walking like a 90-year old and suggested that I see her chiropractors to see if they could help me. I had never seen a chiropractor before and truly did not know what they did or how they could help me, but after being in constant pain for 18 months I was willing to try anything. Dr. Katie is now my new best friend! I started treatment in late November 2012 and I am so very happy to say that my pain is gone and I am getting stronger each day. The adjustments help as well as the exercises that Dr. Katie recommended I perform twice a day. My results are amazing. I have not resumed my walking program yet, as that seemed to aggravate my back, but I am now riding a recumbent stationary bike and exercising with resistance bands every other day. They are all helping to strengthen my back muscles, which are helping my body readjust to my new abdomen. I was resigned to the possibility that I would live in pain for a year or more, but I am thrilled to say that I do not have to. While I do have more progress to make, I am very much encouraged that I have come this far and I truly look forward to the future in expanding my physical activities as I get stronger. I am someone who tried to lead a positive life, and now that I am without pain I really look forward to each day hoping to improve my strength and health. Living each day without pain is a gift that I did not expect to receive, but am glad I did!" -Cindy V.