Pediatric Chiropractor for Infant

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"Being a mom is a tough job. There is nothing more important to us than making sure our child is healthy and happy. We make sure they eat right, that they visit their pediatrician regularly, or that they even play with meaningful and engaging toys. What many parents fail to realize is spinal health is just as important, if not more important than many of those things. Having a healthy, fully functioning nervous system free of subluxations is one step toward a happy and healthy child. The only way to assure this happens is through regular chiropractic adjustments.

My daughter Keely was born via an uncomplicated birth. Still, as she descended through the birth canal, her little body twisted and wriggled through the tight squeeze to make her way out into the world. As I got regular chiropractic adjustments throughout my life and especially during my pregnancy, I knew that Keely would too benefit from an adjustment. Within five days of her birth, she had her first adjustment. It wasn’t scary or alarming in any way. The chiropractor gently examined Keely as she lay still as if somehow she was aware of what he was doing. With a few taps, Keely’s spine was back in perfect alignment and ready to begin her life in a healthy, functional way.

People often commented on how amazingly happy and “easy” Keely was as a newborn. She had no trouble nursing or progressing through the natural milestones as she got older day by day. I can attribute this, in part, to her chiropractic adjustments. When Keely was about six months old, she became fussy and seemed uncomfortable while she tugged on her ear; a classic sign of an ear infection. This fussy behavior was very unusual for Keely so I promptly made an appointment with my chiropractor for her to get adjusted. By the time we got to the office, she was crying in pain. Within a few minutes of her adjustment, and a few taps later, she was back to her normal, happy self. The alternative to this would have been an over the counter pain reliever followed by a trip to the pediatrician’s office. Both were avoided by a quick adjustment. I always wished I had taken video before and after the visit to show people the amazing power of an adjustment.

 As the days and months go by, Keely has different needs from our chiropractor. As she learned to stand and walk, she would fall often bumping her spine out of alignment. Whenever a virus is “going around” daycare, I take her in for an adjustment to make sure her immune system has every chance to fight it off. An easy way to tell it is time for an adjustment is simply by monitoring her sleeping patterns. When she stops sleeping through her normal 10-12 hours at night, I know it is time for an adjustment. Within hours of her adjustment, she is back to her “normal self”.

 A mother would do anything within her power to make sure their child is safe, happy, and healthy. Why not, then, do all mothers take their children to a chiropractor? It’s such a simple and natural way to insure health. Ask Dr. Katie and Dr. Quintin about children and chiropractic today. Your child deserves it." -Cindy