Chiropractor for Leg Pain

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"I started seeing Dr. Katie about three months ago as a referral from a friend, who, like me, was in great pain. My particular issue was with my legs. I can’t remember when the pain, heaviness, aching and downright “I just want to fall” feelings started. I think it was around four years ago. During all this I had restless leg syndrome from some time. I did try to talk to my doctor about it, but it was like an “it’ll go away thing.” I had seen my friend one day and I commented on how great she looked. She told me that she wasn’t in pain anymore and recommended Sleigh Family Chiropractic. She knew I had some major pain going on. My day would usually start off taking two Advil’s every morning and gripping onto the railings as I go up stairs. Well, after being evaluated by Dr. Katie and two treatments later, I felt great!! I am definitely not saying I’m 100% better; even I know that will take time and dedicated stretching. Not only do I not take Advil anymore, my restless leg has subsided to the point that I may get it every now and then. An extra bonus was that what I thought was a common part of my life, headaches, have also decreased. I am more active and a lot less grumpy and short tempered. Pain can really get the best of you. I have been extremely happy here. The doctors explain everything to you, and in a way that you understand and make you more aware of your body. Brittany is great too and helps work with my schedule. My goal is to not only keep getting better, but to get every person in my office to see Drs. Katie and Quintin. THANK YOU DR. KATIE and everyone in your office!"  -Roxanne