Chiropractor for Sciatica and Family Healthcare

“I came to Dr. Quintin with severe (10/10) right sciatic and buttock pain.  The pain was there with every movement and even at rest.  I was loosing sleep and time off of work.  I am not exactly sure what the injury was but it wasn’t going away.  This went on for 2+ months and I am a nurse and tried the standard treatments (rest, ice, heat, stretching) with no relief.   I was unable to enjoy anything.  A wonderful co-worker of mine suggested Sleigh Family Chiropractic.  I was scared that things wouldn’t get any better or they would get worse.  I was wrong!  I have diabetes, allergies, migraine, swelling of my legs and feet, and chronic vertigo.  Since seeing Dr. Quintin, all of the previous symptoms have improved.  My mental and spiritual health has followed along.  It is such a basic principal that we take for granted in our busy daily existence.  Our bodies are screaming for the opportunity to heal themselves and Dr. Quintin & Dr. Katie have the training and the skills to put our bodies in the perfect state for healing.  My husband is a guitar / bass guitar player & came to Dr. Quintin with tennis elbow pain.  He is much improved.  Maggie our 9yr old daughter & Alexander our 3yr old son both see Dr. Katie.  We have to take care of ourselves first to be able to give to others in our lives.  Our health is so important and Dr. Quintin & Dr. Katie help lay the foundation for better overall health.   Not to mention they are both wonderful people who are a delight to be around!!! ****” –Dawn