Chiropractor for Severe Neck Pain

  • Neck Pain, testimonial

“I can’t remember the name of my condition, but to describe it as a severe pain in the neck is accurate.  It hurt to lean forward and eat, to lay on my side, to drive, to do almost everything, sometimes to even breathe.  It would come and go throughout the year, over more than 10 years, and previous attempts by Doctors and other Chiropractors didn’t quite fix it.  I was taking over the counter pain meds to be able to do the things I enjoyed. Drs Katie and Quintin were recommended by my work colleague, and upon my first visit I was cared for by Dr Katie.  I immediately felt comfortable in their relaxed and friendly office, which is so important when you are in direct personal contact with a Doctor.  Despite being in pain, I came away from my first consultation with a feeling that they could help me.  They have a progressive attitude to health in general, and I learned a lot more about chiropractic and general well-being than in previous experiences.  A plan was laid out to get me back to health, and with each adjustment Dr Katie explained what she was doing, how it would help me and answered any question I had. Since attending Sleigh Family Chiropractic, I have felt pain free and able to do all that I like doing, and it has prompted me to address other areas of my health that I wanted to improve.  I am currently in the Transitions program that Drs Katie and Quintin run, and am getting healthier and happier by the week.  I am learning a whole new approach to weight loss, and guess what, it involves eating real food! Thank you Drs Katie and Quintin for your help and support.” –Lisa