Chiropractor for Severe Pain and Stiffness

  • testimonial, Neck Pain

“I first came to Sleigh Family Chiropractic because I was experiencing severe pain and stiffness in my upper back, neck, and right shoulder.  I tried everything to deal with the discomfort - mostly by taking lots of Ibuprofen! A friend of mine had been seeing Dr. Katie for severe lower back pain and was now doing great! I was able to visibly see the change! She strongly recommended that I make an appointment.  She couldn’t say enough good things about both Dr. Katie and Dr. Quintin!  I was in so much constant pain and discomfort, that just hearing that there was hope made me so excited. I made an appointment right away.

From my first consultation with Dr. Katie, I knew that she was going to help me! In fact, I left the office that day feeling so positive! I was thinking, not only will I finally be pain free, but I felt so hopeful about my overall wellness.  I felt that, finally, I had found a doctor who listened to what I was saying, who cared,  who wanted to help me feel better, and who seemed excited to get me on the path of good health -  all that AND she was going to help me correct the problems causing my pain!  I was also pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the office was! The staff is exceptionally welcoming, kind and always makes me feel like I am at home. It’s the first time in my life that I look forward to going to the doctor!

I have been seeing Dr. Katie (and Dr. Quintin) for about 5 months. My shoulder/neck pain and stiffness is now gone!  It didn’t happen overnight - I had to commit to my appointments and to doing the exercises recommended - but it was worth it! The pain is gone….and without any medication!  I could not be happier!  And even though the pain is what brought me to Dr. Katie, I have experienced so many other health benefits since I started getting adjusted!  I have more energy, I sleep better, I have less anxiety, my menstrual pain has been greatly reduced, and even my blood pressure readings are lower!  I have gained a better understanding of my health. I feel more connected to my body and what is happening to it.

As I work on my biggest battle - obtaining a healthy weight – I know that sticking with my adjustments, following the advice provided by Dr. Katie and Dr. Quintin, and staying tuned into my health and my body, I will get there!  I cannot thank Dr. Katie and Dr. Quintin enough for how much they have helped me and for what they have taught me about what it means to be take care of myself naturally!  My adjustments are now just a part of my wellness routine – I only wish that I had known about the benefits of chiropractic medicine – and especially Sleigh Family Chiropractic - sooner!”  -Debbi B.