Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain and Tightness

“For many years I have had severe muscle tightness in my right shoulder.  I work on the computer a lot plus I do needlework…both of which add to the muscle tightness.  I was regularly attending a chiropractor but he did not seem to help.  I would feel better for 1 or 2 days and then the tightness would be back.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Katie.  At my initial exam she discovered that there were many ‘hot spots’ along my spine that my current chiropractor had not corrected.  He was only treating one or two specific areas.  Dr. Katie takes the time to work the tightness out of the muscles at each visit…something the other chiropractor never did.  The tension area is now beginning to loosen and the really tight ‘attacks’ have diminished in frequency.  I appreciate the fact that Dr. Katie takes the time to work on those really problem areas and not just give me a ‘crack’ and send me on my way.

I have and will continue to refer people to Sleigh Family Chiropractic.  They really care about their patients.” –Lynne