Chiropractor for Tingling Arm Pain and Stomach Problems

"I had suffered for over 5 years with my hands and arms falling asleep and hurting.  It started out happening every once in a while, and progressed to where my hands hurt and fell asleep every night and hurt every day.  The past couple years it had become so bad I had stopped doing the things I loved - including crocheting, baking and playing video games - or anything else that involved using my hands.  Even if it was an activity that I had to do, like painting or shoveling, I paid for it by not being able to use my hands for the next couple of days after.  I had trouble even blow-drying my hair or putting in earrings if I had overused my hands doing anything.  I had also become a klutz, dropping everything.  It became an unfortunate normal part of my everyday to drop things and then have to clean up the mess.

It was something I had decided to live with.  I didn't know if I had carpal tunnel or arthritis or something else.  I did know that whatever the medical diagnosis was, the solution would involve surgery or medications, and that I was not interested in either of those.

I met Drs. Katie and Quintin at a stress screening at work.  Dr. Katie asked me the right questions, and found out about my constant neck aches and arm and hand pain.  She suggested a full screening so we could find out and discuss whether or not she could help me.  During my full screening, Dr. Katie and I talked about all areas of health and body, and we discussed my "bad stomach".  My stomach was another problem that I had just accepted about myself.

Dr. Katie adjusts me and gives me exercises and stretches, and my hand and arm pain no longer disrupts my life. I can use my hands again to do anything I choose! The bonus is even my stomach is significantly better.

I knew of people who had seen Chiropractors, but I thoughts of them as the doctor who fixes you after a car accident.  I had become complacent about the cumulative aches and pains that disrupted my life.  I feel very fortunate for the expertise and support I receive from Sleigh Family Chiropractic."  -Kristy