Chiropractor for Baby's Torticollis

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“I first sought out the use of a chiropractor when my youngest daughter was 3 months old.  My husband and I noticed she had a strong preference for tilting her head to one side while in her car seat and during sleep.  The torticollis in her neck caused plagiocephy, or flattening, on one side of her head.  I began my search for a pediatric chiropractor and found Dr. Katie Sleigh.  I was immediately drawn to her compassionate and gentle approach.  She worked with my daughter for the next several months and we saw a dramatic improvement on her range of motion and head positioning.  One thing that stands out in my mind is the holistic approach that Dr. Katie and Dr. Quintin utilize in their practice.  They provided an infant massage specialist for me to meet in the office as well as numerous discussions on vaccinations and nutritional information.  I was so excited to find out that by the age of 7 months old, my daughter was no longer a candidate for helmet reshaping therapy.  Her plagiocephy has been corrected, and I believe it is attributable in large part to the adjustments from Dr. Katie.  Furthermore, I learned about the advantages of spinal health and now my 5 year old daughter, 3 year old daughter and myself receive adjustments when needed.  One last thing I must comment on is the amazingly friendly atmosphere at the Sleigh Family Chiropractic offices.  My children are excited when I tell them we have an appointment because they love to color in the kids area, play peek-a-boo with Dr. Quintin, receive adjustments from Dr. Katie and finally pick out stickers with Tara.  I am sure to spread the word about these wonderful Doctors!” –Amanda