Review of Pregnancy Chiropractor for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

  • Pregnancy, Breech Presentation, Webster Technique, testimonial

“I started care with Dr. Katie when I was about 32 weeks pregnant.  It was my second pregnancy and my goal was to have a VBAC and a natural delivery.  Under Dr. Katie's care I remained comfortable throughout the end if my pregnancy even as I crossed my due date.  This is no small feat since my family and I moved when I was 34 weeks pregnant! 

She gave me great suggestions for exercises to strengthen my back and optimally position the baby (which was an issue for my first pregnancy - my daughter was posterior).  After one of her adjustments I felt the baby move into a more optimal position (from head down with the feet dangling on one side of my abdomen to head down with feet straight up).  She even offered to adjust me when I was on the way to the hospital and said I could call her anytime, day or night.  This was extremely kind since she was about 5 months pregnant herself at the time.  My labor moved very, very fast so there wasn't time to call Dr. Katie, but I had a mercifully quick labor and a quick delivery (pushing for less than 5 minutes).  I attribute this to Dr. Katie's care as well as suggestions from my doula.  Kudos Dr. Katie - I couldn’t have been more pleased with your care!”-Susan G.