Chiropractic Stretches

Avoid or Reduce Pain with Simple Everyday Stretches  


Major body muscles attach to the spine or pelvis and relate to the proper functioning of your spine.  Tightness in those muscles can aggravate conditions of the spine and pelvis.  Everyday stretching works those muscles to attain optimal health.  Drs. Katie and Quintin know you can optimize the results of their chiropractic care by doing some simple everyday stretches.


Do you complain that you are "just not flexible?"


You can teach your body to become more flexible through repetition.  You increase your flexibility by regularly stretching everyday, just as you can build muscles by regularly lifting weights or doing resistance exercises.


The following everyday muscle stretches and exercises are very important to keep your neck and low back healthy and avoid pain:




 After doing some simple everyday stretches over time you will: 


  • Relieve your pain quicker
  • Avoid flare ups
  • Avoid future pain


At Sleigh Family Chiropractic, we know it is extremely important for our patients to take an active role in their treatment and healthcare.  We dedicate ourselves to provide you and your family exceptional pediatric and adult chiropractic care in our office. 


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