Another Tragic DIS-Connect


Disconnect begets disaster - whether it be a mass shooting, terrorist act or any other senseless taking of Life, in the state of selfish separation from Source, humans operate dangerously below their potential.

And here we are again, talking about another tragic event. There is no justification or understanding for what took place in Las Vegas.  It is impossible to apply logic and rationale to such heinous acts against innocents.  No one with a clear, healthy, innate appreciation of Life would ever willfully extinguish it – all of us who understand the bigness of Life, strive to protect its free expression.

For all the victims and families, we offer our prayers that you find the Peace that transcends all... and for the rest of the world, that we wake up and work diligently to preserve Life, because there’s nothing bigger that we possess.


Too close to home:  


Help our colleague Amanda Peterson, DC in her fight to survive the shooting.