"Subluxation In A Shoe"


Subluxation in a Shoe

 A man complaining of foot pain goes to his doctor.  Upon examination, the doctor finds a problem - there's a pebble in the man's shoe, creating a focal sore spot.  The medical doctor injects Novocaine into the irritated area and places the pebble back into the shoe.  VOILA!  The man's complaint (his pain) is gone and the issue has been successfully treated, medically.  The cycle repeats…


     The pain returns expectedly after the drugs wear off, and the man (after much cajoling) finally goes to a Chiropractor who performs an analysis, and also finds the offending pebble and sore spot.  The Chiropractor simply removes the pebble and puts the man's foot back into the shoe – removing the interference, restoring ease and deferring to nature to heal the sore.  The man gets the results he was looking for.


     Moral of the story - if you want to solve your problems (aches, pains, health deficiencies, etc.) it's smarter to find the foundational cause quickly, remove it and let time and nature take care of the rest.  Numbing your senses with drugs, while continuing to live in a state of dis-ease will get you nowhere.

Note from Dr. Katie:

We regularly see patients who have been put on medications that simply hide the true cause of their back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, etc.  While they feel better while taking the medication, their pain returns when they stop.  A clear sign that the medication isn't fixing anything.  What we do in the office is different.  We find the cause of the ache or pain and use gentle adjustments to correct the problem - like taking the pebble out of the man's shoe.  If you are looking to get rid of you neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, or sciatica (even if you have been told there is no cure) give us a call today to set up an evaluation to see if we can help! 847-788-0880

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