Wired for Life



Electricity flows through power lines and messages of communication flow through phone cables... but the 'power' that flows through Nerve fibers is far more intricate, intelligent and critical to your Life.


    Nerves carry 'smart' signals - organized instructions and data which relay from the brain to the body and from the body back to the brain.  This complicated loop forms the communication network needed to guide every physiological function in your body from respiration to perspiration... assimilation to elimination... tissue breakdown and tissue repair.  Innately, trillions of these messages flow through your nerve system every second of your Life, in an automated effort to keep you alive without your conscious input.  So how important it is to maintain this amazing system?


    This is the realm of Chiropractic care - the protection and preservation of these 'Life wires' so that you can experience perfect function, abundant health and wellbeing.  The doctor inside you can accomplish just about anything as long as your internal power lines remain clear.


Note from Dr. Katie:

Since chiropractors ensure ideal function of the master system of the body, the nerve system, we can help patients with a wide variety of problems.  For instance, if a patient has nerve aggravation in the mid back region, we may be able to help them with acid reflux.  Or if someone with lower back nerve irritation comes in, we may be able to relieve their sciatica.  Someone with nerve irritation in their neck may experience relief of their headaches or migraines.  If you are suffering with a health challenge and would like to see if chiropractic may be able to help, call 847-788-0880 to see if we can help!