Adult Chiropractic Care: Pain Relief and Wellness

At Sleigh Family Chiropractic, we focus on aligning your body to health, naturally. We offer the following:

  • Warm, friendly, happy environment
  • Thorough intake, assessment, and evaluation, including computerized nerve scan and digital x-rays (when needed)
  • Focus on balanced spine and nervous system along with healthy lifestyle
  • Numerous gentle techniques tailored to treat your condition

Whether your goal is to reduce pain or to enhance performance, we’ll work with you to help you achieve your objectives.

Get Relief for Low Back Pain and Other Aches

Do you have low back pain or other body aches or pains? Most adults experience occasional, and even chronic pain, on a regular basis. Although common, it is not normal to experience back pain or body pain every day.

Causes of Low Back Pain and Other Aches

Your nerve system is the ultimate sponge, soaking up all the experiences, sensations, and stresses you encounter every day. Like a sponge, it can become over-saturated and spill stress into your body. The result is pain, illness, and/or weak performance.

Pain and other symptoms are warning signs. They tell you something is wrong that needs attention. Your pain may be caused by improper posture, falls, repetitive motion, heavy lifting, sports or sports injury, or other abnormal stresses on your body.

Treat Your Aches and Pains

We commonly see back pain and other pain in our chiropractic office, but it’s not normal and can be avoided in most cases.

We can analyze and correct the underlying cause of your backache, headache or other body pains, so that you can avoid reaching for pain medication. We see great results with many ailments, including:

In fact, the best way to prevent nerve system oversaturation is to see your chiropractor regularly for assessments and, when necessary, adjustments. Adjustments gently “wring out” accumulated tension in your nerve system before it has a chance to build up and negatively affect your health.

If you’re feeling super-soaked from the stress of life, bring your saturated nerves to Sleigh Family Chiropractic. We believe that you’ll experience more energy, improved sleep, and a better overall feeling of wellness.

Avoid Low Back Pain 

Watch Your Back 

How Chiropractic Care Eases Common Types of Back Pain 

Your First Visit at Sleigh Family Chiropractic

Many people are unsure of what to expect on their first visit to a chiropractor. We assure you you’ll have a world-class experience at Sleigh Family Chiropractic.

Initial Chiropractic Exam

Since no two people are alike, we’ll conduct a thorough, noninvasive examination. Our exam is different from anything you may have experienced at your medical doctor, because we focus on your spine and nervous system.

In our office, your first visit will consist of:

  • Consultation with one of the doctors 
  • Postural analysis
  • Computerized nerve system scans (example pictured below)
  • Orthopedic and neurological exams
  • Chiropractic evaluation
  • Digital x rays, if needed

Chiropractic Plan of Action

We then compile all this data to make a plan of action designed for you. Depending on our assessment, your plan may include:

  • Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment techniques
  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Intersegmental traction
  • Low level laser therapy
  • Active rehabilitation
  • Individualized stretching recommendations
  • Nutritional supplementation recommendations
  • Wellness program

See how “Chiropractic Care Prevents Athletes and Runners’ Injuries and Pain” [link]

Sleigh Family Chiropractic Exam Consultation

You’ll receive a full report that includes:

  • Viewing your x rays and receiving a description of the findings
  • Report of what we found
  • Individualized action plan (if we feel we can help)
  • Discussion of the cost of anything we recommend

If we believe that we can help you, we will tell you. If we don't feel that we can help you, we’ll refer you to someone we believe can.

It’s up to you to make an informed decision about your healthcare.

Come Visit Us

We invite you to come visit Sleigh Family Chiropractic and experience a different path to reach your family’s health goals.

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