Back and Body Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Avoid Everyday Back and Body Pain

Most adults experience occasional and even chronic pain on a regular basis.  Although common, it is not normal to experience back and body pain everyday.

Pain and other symptoms are a warning sign.  These signs tell you something is going on in your body that needs attention.  While pain is something Drs. Quintin and Katie commonly witness in their office, they stress it is not normal and can be avoided in most cases. They realize your back and body pain may be caused by improper posture, falls, repetitive motions, heavy lifting, athletics, etc.


Correct Your Aches and Back and Body Pains


Drs. Katie and Quintin can analyze and correct the underlying cause of your aches and back and body pains.  Thus you can avoid reaching for medication to merely mask the pain. 


Drs. Katie and  Quintin see great results with many ailments in their office, including:


  • headaches
  • low back pain
  • leg pain/sciatica
  • disc problems
  • neck pain
  • whiplash, and
  • arm pain/numbness


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