Chiropractic Care for Runners and Athletes


How does chiropractic prevent runners’ injuries and pain?runner knee pain


Joints will not be able to move through the proper range of motion when not in the proper alignment.  This can lead to wear and tear on the joint.  Runners put extra stress on their joints which can cause the wear and tear to happen even  faster.  The areas that runners are especially stressing are in the low back, pelvis, and legs.  The wear and tear in the joint will eventually lead to pain and symptoms.  


Chiropractors can prevent the wear and tear that results from misalignments and thus prevent injury and pain by restoring proper alignment and function of the joint.  So don’t wait until the joint is so worn out that you have pain.  Get it checked now so that you don’t miss any of your running season!



chiropractic improves running raceHow does chiropractic care help improve running performance?


In order for a runner to achieve peak muscle function and optimal gait, the muscles and joints of the legs, low back, and pelvis must be in balance, aligned, and able to go through their entire range of motion.  Chiropractors specialize in making sure that the joints are in alignment and the muscles are balanced.


Athletes who have regular chiropractic care tend to have better coordination and reaction time, improved accuracy and precision, increased muscle strength and balance.  


At Sleigh Family Chiropractic in Arlington Heights, IL, Drs. Quintin and Katie Sleigh do a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying cause for a runner’s pain and injury.  This evaluation includes an examination of the function of all the joints in the low back, pelvis and legs as well as xrays if they are necessary.  


The best plan of action for the individual is made only after the cause of the problem is determined.  Drs.


Quintin and Katie are trained in running foot painadjusting the feet, ankles, knees, and hips in addition to the spine and pelvis.  They also offer custom made shoe orthotics as well as therapies to help with muscular issues.  In addition, they provide specific stretches and exercises to be done at home helping runners get better faster.


Chiropractors help all types of athletes keep their bodies in top shape.  Dr. Katie Sleigh swam at an elite level for the University of Iowa.  She says, “Chiropractic care kept my body in top shape to perform at the highest level possible.  It also helped me avoid injuries.”  Dr. Quintin Sleigh played lacrosse at the University of Nebraska.  He regularly had chiropractic adjustments to alleviate the injuries he sustained while playing this grueling sport. 


Drs. Quintin and Katie sponsor the annual Arlington Heights Stampede Run.  They offer free stretching to all participating runners during the event.





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