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Relaxed pregnant woman receiving chiropractic care.

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Chiropractic Services in Long Grove, IL

Comprehensive Care for Full-Body Wellness

Welcome to Long Grove, the hub of holistic health care in Illinois. For residents or visitors battling a range of physical ailments, our top-tier chiropractic services in Long Grove stand out as a beacon of hope. Dive deeper as we unfold our spectrum of services:

Lower Back Pain

A predominant ailment in today’s fast-paced life, lower back pain can disrupt your day-to-day activities. Our experienced chiropractors in Long Grove employ a range of techniques, ensuring that you regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Neck Pain

From sedentary jobs to poor posture, multiple factors can contribute to neck pain. Our chiropractic interventions target the root cause, offering sustainable relief and fostering healthier postural habits.


Characterized by pain radiating down one’s leg, sciatica can be debilitating. Through precise adjustments, we aim to release the nerve pressure, promoting healing and pain alleviation.


Beyond being mere headaches, migraines are a chronic concern that can impair your quality of life. Our chiropractic approach in Long Grove seeks to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines, enabling you to live a more fulfilling life.


Whether tension-based, cluster, or sinus headaches, our therapeutic touch focuses on decreasing their occurrences and severities, ensuring that you’re always at the top of your game.

Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Pregnancy, while a beautiful journey, comes with its share of physical strains. Our chiropractic care is tailored to the unique needs of expecting mothers, facilitating smoother pregnancies and more comfortable deliveries.


A condition where the neck tilts to one side, torticollis can be both painful and restrictive. Our chiropractors employ a mix of soft tissue techniques and spinal adjustments to rectify the condition, ensuring improved neck mobility.

Disc Injury

Whether it’s a slipped, herniated, or bulging disc, our chiropractic techniques in Long Grove offer a non-invasive solution. We focus on pain relief, promoting healing, and ensuring long-term spinal health.

Ear Infections

While it might be surprising to many, chiropractic care has shown efficacy in treating certain ear infections. Through targeted adjustments, we aid in fluid drainage, which can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with these infections.

At the heart of Long Grove, IL, our chiropractic services go beyond mere adjustments. We are committed to holistic care, integrating the latest research with time-tested techniques to ensure you achieve optimal health. Your journey towards a pain-free life begins here. Schedule an appointment with our experts today and step into a world of comprehensive chiropractic care.

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A Holistic Approach to Healing in Long Grove, IL

When you step through our doors in Long Grove, you’re not just another patient – you’re a unique individual with specific needs and concerns. Our approach to chiropractic care is holistic, taking into account not just the symptom but the underlying cause. Here’s what sets us apart:

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our team recognizes that every individual’s body and pain points are distinct. This is why we craft a bespoke treatment plan tailored to suit your needs, ensuring faster recovery and longer-lasting relief.

Integrated Therapies

We believe in the power of integrative care. Alongside our primary chiropractic treatments, we often combine therapies like massage, physiotherapy, and nutrition counseling to address various facets of your health.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our center in Long Grove is equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools. This ensures accurate assessments and the most effective treatments, making your journey to wellness smoother and more comfortable.

Educative Approach

Our team recognizes that every individual’s body and pain points are distinct. This is why we craft a bespoke treatment plan tailored to suit your needs, ensuring faster recovery and longer-lasting relief.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of integrative care. Alongside our primary chiropractic treatments, we often combine therapies like massage, physiotherapy, and nutrition counseling to address various facets of your health.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our center in Long Grove is equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools. This ensures accurate assessments and the most effective treatments, making your journey to wellness smoother and more comfortable.

Your health is a journey, and at our chiropractic center in Long Grove, IL, we’re honored to be a part of it. We stand by our promise to provide you with unparalleled care, from the moment you walk into when you step out, rejuvenated and revitalized.

Whether you’re grappling with acute pain, chronic discomfort, or looking for preventive care, our doors are always open. Experience a unique blend of warmth, expertise, and state-of-the-art care in Long Grove. Connect with us, and let’s embark on your path to optimal health together.

Why Sleigh Family Chiropractic?

There is a reason that many of our patients drive 20+ miles past tons of other chiropractic offices to get to Sleigh Family Chiropractic. It’s not just because we know them by name, or that we are friendly and accommodating. It’s because we’re devoted to delivering the best spine and nervous system focused chiropractor care so our patients feel better faster and stay feeling good for the long term. We deliver the goods, so to speak.

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In order to deliver the highest quality, most precise chiropractic adjustments, we do a thorough evaluation including consultation, palpation, state-of-the-art nervous system scans and digital X-rays (if needed).

We are always shocked when patients tell us they have never had as thorough of an evaluation with a doctor who truly listens. The goal at the end of the evaluation is to determine if dysfunction in the spine and nervous system are the root cause of the patients’ complaint(s) and to determine what the most effective treatment plan will be.

Since we work with patients from birth to 100+ years old, we have studied many diverse adjusting techniques in order to specialize chiropractor care for each individual. Our targeted approach helps our patients get better results quicker.

One of the primary focuses in our office is prenatal and postpartum chiropractor care. All of our doctors have completed extensive post-graduate training that focuses on providing safe and effective treatment throughout the entire perinatal period. All three of our doctors are certified in the chiropractic Webster Technique, a technique specific for women during the entire length of their pregnancy. Our doctors understand first hand all of the changes that happen during and after pregnancy, so they know the safest and most effective ways to alleviate aches and pains, assure better position of baby in utero, how to create optimal physical conditions to provide for a smoother and easier delivery, and how to reset the body following the birth of your baby.

We are a very family friendly office. As parents, we are constantly putting our children’s health concerns before our own, but at our office we make it easy to do both. We encourage parents to bring their children to their appointments as we have a safe area for kids to play while you receive your care. Our staff is always happy to hold babies and keep an eye on toddlers while our doctors adjust lots of kids for all kinds of common childhood ailments.

Our doctors have completed hundreds of combined hours of continuing education on the most up to date and safest techniques for kids and are members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Most of our team are parents themselves, so we know just how to help kids feel comfortable in our office while delivering life changing results. For this reason, you will likely see many families with kids of all ages receiving chiropractor care in our office.

Our office also offers services beyond pain relief. Our wellness chiropractor care focuses on maintaining optimal function of the spine and nervous system to help patients live their lives to the fullest. With proper education, our patients understand that the nervous system, which is protected by all the bones of the spine and controls all the functions of the body. For this reason, many patients choose wellness chiropractor care as the primary means to keep themselves and their families healthy and happy.

We invite you to come and experience exactly what makes us different!

Chiropractor Difference Arlington Heights IL
Chiropractor Doctors Arlington Heights IL

Meet the Doctors

Meet the doctors at Sleigh Family Chiropractic in Long Grove, IL. Dr. Katie Sleigh, DC. Dr. Quintin Sleigh, DC. Dr. Nicole Brashier, DC.

Dr. Katie Sleigh, DC

Dr. Katie Sleigh, DC


Dr. Katie Sleigh is passionate about providing excellent chiropractic care for pregnant women, children, and families.

“I know that chiropractic care helped me tremendously when I was growing up, so I want to help as many children as I can. I’d like them to grow up as healthy as I did.”

Dr. Quintin Sleigh, DC

Dr. Quintin Sleigh, DC


Dr. Quintin enjoys learning as much as he can about living a healthy lifestyle. He is dedicated to helping his patients not only through his adjustments, but also through his recommendations for healthy eating, stress relief, and proper exercise.

“In addition to treating my patients, my goal is to motivate as many people as I can to make healthier choices. In that way, they can experience more happiness, energy, and vitality throughout their lives.”

Dr. Nicole Brashier, DC


Dr. Nicole Brashier is passionate about spreading the word of chiropractic especially to pediatrics, pregnant women, postpartum women, and families.

“I grew up with major digestive issues and as a child I was prescribed medication after medication. My symptoms did not resolve until I experienced chiropractic. Because of this, I want to holistically help as many kiddos as possible and that can start as early as when they are in momma’s belly.”

Discover How Sleigh Family Chiropractic

Has Helped Families Like Yours Achieve Better Health, Naturally.

Hear From Patients Just Like You.


"The change has been unbelievable. I couldn't even function. I couldn't walk well or for long and now I'm doing two-mile walks with my dog. I'm getting ready to go back to school to teach and actually be able to stand up while doing it."

Chiropractor Customer 1
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"It really feels like a family. Every time I come I just feel brand new, refreshed, and ready to go. I feel stronger, my body feels more relaxed."

Chiropractor Customer 2
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"It feels really nice to have more than just your pediatrician once a month to go see. But to know that Dr. Sleigh knows him and what his body should feel like because they've been seeing him so long, it gives us a lot of comfort."

Chiropractor Customer 3
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Here’s How We Help People Regain The Freedom To Live The Life They Want

Find the Root Cause

The typical medical model focuses on treating symptoms. Our approach is different. We focus on finding the root cause of the problem and healing the body from within. Our doctors use palpation, posture evaluation, nervous system scans, and X-rays to help us pinpoint the root cause. This is essential to creating an effective treatment plan.

Get a Plan to Fix the Problem

Since we opened our doors in 2009, we have perfected our ability to take the information from the evaluation and formulate the most effective treatment plan to get the problem fixed for good. Healing takes time. We perform regular progress check-ins to be sure we are on the right track to restoring health and resolving your pain.

Live Life to the Fullest

By treating the underlying cause of your problem rather than just covering up the symptoms with medication, your body will be able to function at its best so you can continue living your life to the fullest. Our goal is to get you back to optimal health as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can begin living a healthier and happier life.

We’d Love To Meet You!

Chiropractor Doctors Arlington Heights IL
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