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11. Alleviate Pregnancy Back Aches and Pains with Proper Posture

With all of the changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, pain is a common occurrence. Pregnant women often feel hopeless in alleviating this pain because common pain killers are not advised. One way to prevent or alleviate pregnancy pain is using better posture.

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12. Chiropractic Webster Technique for Breech Baby Position in Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman is told that her baby is in the breech position, she is commonly given two options: 1) schedule a cesarean section or 2) do an External Cephalic Version (ECV). What many pregnant women do not know is that there is another option: The Chiropractic Webster Technique.  This article describes what the Webster Technique is and how it may help women avoid breech presentation and cesarean section.

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13. Chiropractic Adjustments Are Safe for Pregnancy Back Pain!

Pregnant women go to great lengths to ensure the safe and healthy development of their babies.  So when they experience back pain during pregnancy, they avoid taking medications that could harm the baby.  The mom to be may even consult with her OB-Gyne who may recommend some stretching, heat or ice.  But what if that doesn’t alleviate her back pain?

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14. Stretches to relieve pregnancy hip, low back and leg pain


Below is the full transcript of our new video about stretches to help get rid of hip, low back, and leg pain for pregnant women.  Drs. Quintin and Katie Sleigh demonstrate the stretch in the YouTube video entitled “Stretches Relieve Hip, Low Back and Leg Pain In Pregnancy.” 

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15. Chiropractor Relieves Pregnancy Sciatica Pain Testimonial


Sciatica leg pain is a common complaint in pregnant women.  Sciatica commonly interferes with the ability to walk and sleep.  But it doesn’t have to be something that a pregnant woman has to deal with throughout pregnancy.  There is a natural way to get pain relief.  This painful problem can often times be relieved by a chiropractor who uses the Webster Technique

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16. Chiropractic Webster Technique for a Comfortable Pregnancy

Here is the full transcript of our new video about the Webster Technique possibly helping moms to be have a more comfortable pregnancy.  Also, check out the video on our Webster Technique page!

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17. Webster Technique
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18. Breech Baby Exercise 2
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19. Breech Baby Exercise 1
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20. Pregnancy Exercises
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