Chiropractor for Low Back Pain With Arm Tingling and Numbness

“I had been dealing with lower back pain & moderate tingling/numbness in my left arm for several months. I refused to see a general physician for the tingling – worried that I would be told I needed surgery or spend months in a neck brace or something else awful. I was so fortunate to meet Drs. Katie & Quintin Sleigh, who knew Chiropractic could help. In just a few short weeks, my lower back pain has gotten much better and Dr. Katie has eliminated the tingling completely. She has begun to address the abuse my body has suffered for years. I’m able to focus now – not distracted or worried by tingling. I’m also able to bounce out of bed without lower back pain. I just feel better. The sincere desire to help and fantastic friendliness at Sleigh Family Chiropractic set me at ease and will keep me coming back to stay healthy and hopefully avoid other symptoms before they start.”  -Kristi