Chiropractor for Stiff Neck and Shoulders With Headache

"For several years, I had a stiff neck and shoulder muscles which would cause frequent headaches. In the beginning it was intermittent, and could often be reduced with exercise and weight training. The pain was mild to moderate and I suffered from it most of the time, although it would get worse after a long day. As time went on the pain was more frequent until it was pretty much constant, and exercise and weight training did little to reduce the pain. At its worst I would have to stop what I was doing and lay down to take the "load" off my neck/shoulder muscles. It made me more irritable and added stress, which of course only compounded the problem. It was an inconvenience and made me feel older than I really am. 

After an evaluation by Dr. Katie, I found out my shoulders and hips were mis-aligned, I had deterioration of the discs and vertebrae in the lower back, as well as a lack of curvature of the spine.

We are still doing treatment, but the pain is greatly reduced and the frequency is much less. In addition, I can do stretches to reduce/eliminate the problem if it arises.

Dr. Katie has proved to be an excellent chiropractor and I would recommend her to anyone looking for chiropractic care. She took time to explain everything very clearly and just does a very good job.

I am doing much better now and it has reduced a rather large source of stress and makes me feel myself again. Any by reducing the stress it allows me to be more relaxed and happier." -Eric