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The most obvious common reason to people seek out a chiropractor is for pain relief, and our focus is strictly on bone and joint issues in the spine. However, many of our patients report that spinal adjustments come with additional health perks.

As chiropractors, we restore alignment and proper motion in the spine which leads to pain relief for many common aches and pains.  Proper alignment and motion in the spine also leads to improved nervous system function.  Since the nervous system controls everything in the body, many of our patients report improvement in other areas of their health.  Some say that treatment for back and neck pain improved or resolved other problems. We can’t take the credit for anything outside the scope of our role as chiropractors, but we’re encouraged by ongoing research that could eventually prove our patients right.

Dr. Katie Sleigh adjusting young childChiropractic Care for Back and Neck Pain

Again, this is a common complaint because the back and neck are highly susceptible to injury. Some patients have chronic pain from inherited problems like scoliosis. Others have a herniated disc or whiplash from a car accident. Even more commonly, patients report pain from poor posture, or sitting for most of the day, and doing repetitive motions (like carrying kids and playing golf). can cause significant damage.

Many doctors and institutions in the mainstream medical community, such as the American College of Physicians, recommend trying chiropractic methods before seeking drug therapy or surgery for back and neck pain.



Nine out of 10 Americans experience headaches ranging from a dull throb to debilitating pain.

Research has shown that chiropractic care interventions can be very effective at alleviating headaches and migraines. sometimes help when other methods fail. One 2011 study reported in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies was especially significant.

For decades, a woman in her 50s had migraines at least once a month. They lasted for 15 hours on average and were so painful that they brought on nausea.

At a six-month follow-up after chiropractic therapy, the woman reported that she hadn’t had a single episode since her last treatment.

How does it work? The root cause of many headaches is pressure on the neck and spine. Spinal adjustments relieve that pressure.

Chiropractic Care for Hypertension

A 2007 study at the University of Chicago showed that a one-time, specialized spinal adjustment had a remarkably favorable outcome for patients with high blood pressure.

“This procedure has the effect of not one, but two blood-pressure medications given in combination,” said study leader George Bakris, M.D., “and it seems to be adverse-event free. We saw no side effects and no problems.”

The atlas vertebra at the top of the neck got its name from the Atlas of mythology. Just as Atlas supported the globe, the atlas vertebra supports the head. Relieving stress in that one bone appears to lower blood pressure.


Let’s face it: We’re a stressed-out society, and pent-up stress has both physical and mental consequences. It increases risk of heart attack and stroke. It affects job performance. It puts strain on relationships. It causes painful muscle tension.

According to some research, a good spinal adjustment alleviates stress and leaves patients feeling more relaxed. One study that measured electrical activity in muscles found that activity was reduced by 25% after chiropractic therapy.

Preliminary reports suggest that chiropractic care may also help keep depression and anxiety at bay. In any case, an adjustment feels so phenomenal that most patients leave with smiles on their faces.

Chiropractic Care for Sleep IssuesDr. Sleigh Adjusting a patient on table

Insomnia affects more than 30% of Americans. To date, there is no conclusive evidence that chiropractors can help; many sleep disorders are associated with other medical conditions that have nothing to do with the musculoskeletal system.

However, manipulation therapy does  chiropractic adjustments increase blood flow and alleviate the pain and stress that might be keeping you up nights. Many of our patients say that sleep has vastly improved since they began having regular adjustments., a valuable resource for people with sleep disorders, highly recommends this alternative to prescription sleep aids.

Pain Associated with Pregnancy

In pregnancy, women’s bodies undergo multiple changes in a short amount of time. The hips expand. The lower back adjusts to additional weight. The pelvis repositions itself. All these changes occur to accommodate a developing baby and widen the birth canal.

Meanwhile, Mom is frequently in pain.

All three doctors at Sleigh Family Chiropractic - Drs. Quintin and Katie Sleigh and Dr. Nicole Brashier - are certified in prenatal chiropractic care and the Webster Technique, an adjustment designed specifically for pregnant women. Not only does it restore balance and reduce pain, but it has been proven effective in encouraging the fetus to move into the optimal position for safe delivery.

Avoidance of Medication or Surgery

In light of the ongoing opioid crisis, more people than ever are seeking natural alternative treatments for pain. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported 49,860 opioid-related overdoses in 2019.

Is chiropractic care as effective as drug therapy for pain?

According to several studies and surveys, it’s even more effective. A systematic review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association supports spinal manipulation as a first-line therapy for lower back pain. In one survey, patients said that chiropractic adjustments were more effective than prescription painkillers, over-the-counter remedies, Pilates, massage and other treatments. More than 75% of participants described chiropractic therapy as “very effective.”

Avoiding surgery and recovery is another benefit for many of our patients. While spinal adjustments are not without risk, adverse effects are extremely rare. All the experts agree that adjustments are overwhelmingly safe and certainly less dangerous than surgery.

Overall Health

Misalignment in the spine has a profound impact on the central nervous system, which controls every single cell in your body.

This complex network of nerves is responsible for relaying messages to and from the brain and throughout the body. Without it, our hearts wouldn’t know when to beat, our lungs wouldn’t know when to take a breath, and our digestive systems wouldn’t know when to release enzymes. Our muscles wouldn’t get the message to expand relax and contract so that we could move.

Chiropractic treatment keeps the spine in perfect alignment, which alleviates stress on the nervous system. A healthy, centered spine keeps your nervous system from missing any memos, so to speak. When the nervous system is at peak performance, muscles, tissues, organs and cells throughout your body can fully function as they are intended to.

In addition to the spine’s importance to the nervous system, it plays a crucial role in supporting your upper body, which houses your organs and everything else that is necessary for survival.

It stands to reason, then, that regular spinal adjustments might boost overall health. Many of our patients hold that opinion.

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