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How Chiropractic Care Eases Most Common Types of Back Pain

Lauren at our front desk worked many years in retail and was on her feet for 8 hours per day. This led to back pain. She wishes she had known more about the chiropractic lifestyle before she worked for a chiropractor. Can you relate to any of these common reasons that people suffer with back pain from Dr. Trevor Ennis’s blog?

by Dr. Trevor Ennis | Chiro Blog​

Do you suffer with low back pain? Well, you’re not alone, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work and the second most common reason for visiting a doctor (trailing only the common cold).

Why is back pain so common?

There are many answers to that question. Many back pain patients suffer because of one of the following three reasons:

1. Back Injury

A person can injure their back by lifting a heavy object with poor form, overexertion, or moving the wrong way. Automobile accidents are a common cause of back pain. It has been demonstrated and studied, that an accident at speeds as low as 8 miles per hour has the potential to cause significant damage to the spine. The muscles, ligaments, and discs in the back can be strained, torn, or damaged. Additionally, our sedentary lifestyles take a toll on our backs. Our bodies are meant to move and be active. Sitting for extended periods of time actually contributes to disc decay in the spine.

Acute pain, due to a recent incident, is typically temporary. So when the injury heals, the pain lessens or disappears completely. Over the counter medications such as analgesics, topical creams, and anti-inflammatory drugs may help manage back pain symptoms caused from an injury, but unfortunately won’t fix the problem. They also carry side effects such as kidney, stomach, or liver damage with prolonged use.

Chiropractic care will lessen acute pain and help you recover from a back injury. By performing gentle adjustments on the spine, a chiropractor can help relax injured muscles and relieve acute pain faster than simply waiting for inflammation to go away on its own. Oftentimes, an acute injury that is not addressed can lead to further problems.

2. Medical condition or illness

In addition to acute injuries, there are several illnesses that cause back pain. Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid and Psoriatic arthritis, and scoliosis are some of the common conditions that cause back pain. Because these conditions can lead to pain that lasts over a long period of time, this type of pain is called chronic pain.

Chronic pain is an entirely different than acute pain, and patients who suffer often look for options outside of traditional medication. Chiropractic care is an excellent choice relieve chronic back pain.

Adjustments to the spine can promote a healthy spine, which in turn can lead to a healthier body, as well as provide relief from the pain. Chiropractic care for chronic medical conditions may take longer to show results, so the patient must be committed to the treatment plan the chiropractor suggests in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of chiropractic care. A basic rule of thumb is that the longer the problem has persisted, the longer it may take to correct it. A simple case of acute low back pain may be corrected with one treatment. Chronic low back pain that has been there for 10 years may take a while to improve and may never completely go away.

3. Poor lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices can affect our health negatively or positively. Obesity, lack of exercise, and smoking can result in health issues that cause back pain.

Additional weight puts extra stress on the discs of the spine and can eventually lead to chronic pain.

Smoking is a habit that has many negative consequences, including increasing the chances for back pain. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases smoking can cause a lack of nutrients which affects the back’s discs. In addition, people who smoke tend to heal more slowly, so smoking can actually increase the length of time a person must endure back pain. Nicotine can also lead to hypersensitivity of muscles, leading to a greater chance of muscle pain.

Exercise increases a person’s strength in muscles and tendons, while a sedentary lifestyle weakens a person’s body, often bringing on back pain, as well as other health issues.

Chiropractic care can assist in lessening a patient’s back pain, which then leads to better lifestyle choices, encouraging a lifestyle of wellness, not just treatment.

Feeling better often prompts patients to embark on a fitness routine, eat healthier, and quit smoking. Exercise regimens that include strength training can positively impact a person’s health in a number of ways, including back pain reduction.

Relief through Chiropractic Care

Millions of people struggle with back pain on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes. Chiropractic care, either alone or in a combination with other medical treatments, is one of the best choices available today. Because it targets the cause of the pain (instead of simply masking it) and it does so through non-invasive, low risk treatment plans, chiropractic care is becoming more popular among both doctors and their patients. If you are suffering back pain for any reason, contact Sleigh Family Chiropractic today and schedule your free consultation!”

Sleigh Family Chiropractic

At Sleigh Family Chiropractic, we focus on restoring your body to health naturally. We provide family chiropractic care to treat your entire family. We have special certifications as pediatric chiropractors and prenatal chiropractors. With an evaluation we are able to make a spinal care plan that will focus on a balanced nervous system along with healthy lifestyle. As a leading chiropractic clinic we treat patients with back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and other painful conditions.

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