Safe Prenatal Yoga Video for Healthy, Less Painful Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy Exercise

I know exercise is very important for the health of pregnant women as a chiropractor with a special focus on working with women during pregnancy.  I am often asked by expectant women what types of exercise are safe and beneficial during pregnancy.   Prenatal yoga is one of the most common recommendations that I give.  

Prenatal Yoga helps women stay flexible, improve muscle strength, increase circulation, decrease stress, as well as decrease common pregnancy aches and pains.  The most common aches and pains that yoga helps with are low back pain, hip pain, upper back pain, and leg pain.  

Here is a great video from  Dr. Cathy Wendland of showing some prenatal yoga exercises for those who prefer to do yoga at home.  


Many gyms and yoga studios now offer prenatal yoga classes.  In the Arlington Heights, IL area, I recommend Willow Yoga and Pulling Down the Moon. 



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