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Why X-rays Are Critical To Headache Relief In Arlington Heights, IL

X-rays Are Critical To Headache Relief Chiropractor Arlington Heights, IL

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole with Sleigh Family Chiropractic and today I’m going to talk about why X rays are needed, especially when you are coming in for headaches.

X-rays Can Help Find The Cause of Headaches

So what we treat are what we call subluxations, which is a joint of the spine that is not in the proper alignment, or it’s a joint that isn’t able to function properly. So what happens is when the joint gets out of alignment, it starts to compress the nerves that exit, and especially within the upper portion of the neck, those are the nerves that travel into the head creating headaches. So X ray why we would like to take X rays, because it tells us a couple things that we not we can’t necessarily feel with our hands. So the analysis will give us a better idea as far as where to adjust where not to adjust. It will tell us what technique works best for you, as well as how long it’s going to take to resolve your pain. So in the analysis, this is the side view of the neck. There’s three things we want to look for, we want to look for this nice smooth C shaped curve. We want to see good spacing between each bone. That’s where that disk space is held and we want to see nice smooth edges around each bone. So all of this will help us to indicate the best plan that works for you specifically to resolve those headaches.

If you have any questions, drop them below. Otherwise, we’ll see you in the next video!

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